Our history

55 years of continuous evolution

Our journey began when Henry Snell, with his excavator, started a sole proprietorship in 1965. At the age of 19, his son Patrik took over the company after Henry’s sudden death in 1985.

During the 1990s, we began with crushing and processing of ballast material. The company gradually grew and at the beginning of the 2000s we had 15 employees.

One day in 2008, Patrik Snell, then CEO, was contacted by Northland Resources regarding a contracting job. That was the start of the mine in Kaunisvaara. The bankruptcy of Northland Resources in 2014 was a severe challenge for the company. When Kaunis Iron took over the operation of the mine in Kaunisvaara in 2018, Snells was back on track and is today the largest contractor in the mine.

In 2021, the Finnish subsidiary Snells Finland AB was created, which performs crushing services for Boliden in their mine in Kevitsa. Today, the company has 140 employees. The primary business is in the mining industry and major infrastructure projects in northern Sweden and Finland. Today we have customers like Kaunis Iron, LKAB and Boliden in Sweden and Finland.

Our business concept:

In our industry, with knowledge, commitment and adaptability, we must meet our customers’ needs for results and the highest quality with sustainability in focus.

Our core values:

  • Through knowledgeable and motivated employees we ensure the highest quality in our delivery to the customer
  • We learn through continuous development and see challenges as opportunities
  • Snells must work for a better society with sustainability in mind