For suppliers

In order to streamline handling and reduce our impact on the environment, we will switch to electronic invoicing or PDF invoices. The goal is for all supplier invoices to become digital, i.e. we will not accept paper invoices in the future.

  • Only invoices may be sent to the email address and e-invoice address below.
  • Other documents are sent by post or to a personal email address.
  • All invoices must contain the customer’s first and last name, as well as the marking specified by the customer.

Important information for you as a supplier to Snells Entreprenad AB
Organization number: 556143-8143
VAT No: SE556143814301

PDF invoice
If you can print your invoices as PDF files from your business system, send them to
One invoice per PDF file. Any attachments must be in the same file as the invoice.

Electronic invoice
VAN Operator – Crediflow
Peppol: 0007:5561438143

Paper invoices
If you can’t send PDF- or electronic invoices please mail your invoice to:
Snells Entreprenad AB
Niva 29
984 91 Pajala