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Our head office with administration and mechanical workshop is located in Pajala. In Kaunisvaara, we have two fixed locations within Kaunis Iron’s mining area. The workshop where we repair and maintain machines and equipment as well as the office outside the mine establishment which is the hub for loading and transport. In Malmfälten we perform services for LKAB in Vitåfors (Nalo) and Boliden in Aitik.

Feel free to get in touch with any of us directly, or leave a message via the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Magnus Kohkoinen

Operative manager

Patrik Snell

Business developer,
Manager, Snells Finland

Mimmi Snell

Administrative manager
Acting HR manager

Erik Hallgren

Welding workshop manager

Ann-Sofie Krakov Isaksson

Financial manager

Marianne Lantto Wanhatalo


Benjamin Snell

Transport manager

Valter Hallgren

Quarries, Material sales,
Dev. manager Boden/Luleå

Roger Wanhainen

Environmental & working environment coordinator

Ottilia Snell

Contract manager
‭+46 70 559 25 33‬

Anders Niemi

Mechanical workshop manager

Alfons Snell

Site manager, Vitåfors

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