New contract

New contract

We are happy and proud to announce that we have received the trust of Pajala Municipality and Pajalabostäder AB to carry out VA, land and construction work for them. The agreement is for six years including option extensions.

Now that we are reducing our commitments in the mine in Kaunisvaara, our plan is to gear up our contracting department. So this was a good start to those plans, says Magnus Pekkari, CEO.

Ottilia Snell and Jonatan Kero will lead the contracting department where, among other things, Joakim Törnqvist, one of our talented machine operators, will carry out the assignments.

Niklas Åberg, sector manager technology and service says:

Pajala municipality is happy that we have managed to get a local contractor as a contractual partner. We look forward to a good collaboration with Snells and their knowledgeable employees.

Pictured from left: Jonatan Kero, Ottilia Snell and Joakim Törnqvist.


Magnus Pekkari, CEO